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Akon Lyrics - Right Now (Na Na Na)

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:27

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I pity you because you 8767 re not only writing in emotions but because you 8767 re ignorant and blind with the bloody money you 8767 re sucking at J6 (Presidential Palace, Juba).

Akon - Freedom - Music

False Millionaire,
As always, typical of you, you terribly misfire.
What has the editor got to do with the quarrel of two jieng doctors fighting a professional war on the website?
Are you now quaking and trembling because the sky is almost starting to fall down on the Kiir 8767 s empire?

IWanna Love You (con Snoop Dogg) - Akon Letra con

Do you think these tests results will not reveal that President Kiir is the biological father of more than 55% of these children?

I 8767 ve read your letter dated 85/59/7568, to the public trying to cover up the truth about the health status of President Salva Kiir.

, people like you are irrational. My question is, why are you afraid of consequences? Any way, nothing could relieve the JCE and Sultan Salva Kiir terrible senses of blame.

Dr Akon Akhec is physically,professionally,intellectully and socially who is Dr Mawien than a fantome biting dog that 8767 s your creation for rampage in your blind struggle?
Jieng are in favor of Kiir 8767 s departure and that will not the reason to move them from will do then since that 8767 s the impossible objective u have set for youselves Mr Editor?

Mr. Spokesman has not denied the charges that Kiir is a womanizer who takes advantage of his guards 8767 wives and female representatives in his tribal government hence it is safe to assume that the charges are accurate.
Since he only refuted the health condition of his master, the master must indeed be in good health which is why he is sexually active or he is spreading his sexually transmitted diseases to whoever he could find.
South Sudan is under women 8767 s abusers and angels of death.
God helps us!

The presidential spokesman said Mawien Akot has never attended to President Kiir’s health, pointing out that Mawien was not part of the presidential health unit. Ateny said Dr. Mawien was working only at Juba Teaching Hospital.

This is when he can go to defend himself. The accused cannot just go to court even to our courts in South Sudan and say, 8776 I heard I have been accused in the websites of adultery and I am therefore coming to clear or defend myself. 8776 It is the complainer/Plaintiff that opens case against defender if you don 8767 t know the court system.

Shame on you Dr. Mawein!! You cannot succeed two, to be a medical Doctor and a politician. You have lost your professionalism. If you had wanted to criticize Kiir, you should have avoided section of his health status. But as citizen, you have right to challenge his administration.

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