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At any rate, the idea that Jones 8767 teammate, the one who would lose minutes if Jones saw more playing time, campaigned for him to play more minutes is intriguing. It 8767 s at least partly an indictment on Thibodeau and his rotation, and it only adds fuel to the fire that has been raging for several months.

Baltimore Ravens News - Baltimore Sun

That''s not what this is about, though. There''s room on the stage for a successful Pitt basketball team. The issue is that some in Pittsburgh, including some who should know better, will judge the team’s progress through a filter that presupposes every team has a relatively equivalent chance at success. That’s how it is in the NFL, right?

Syracuse basketball guard Tyus Battle not thinking about

Milton was viewed as a fringe first-round pick entering the week, but with others in Chicago rising and likely taking away spots in the 75s, SMU''s star guard is going to fall.

Forward Matthew Moyer has transferred to Vanderbilt after spending the first two years of his college career at Syracuse.

"I''m excited and a little anxious about it. You want your son to do well. He''s a hard worker. He''s a good shooter. I know if he was here last year, he would''ve played a lot. We needed another shooter.''

It''s almost like Syracuse and Duke know each other well. Aside from the zone-defense, like-mindedness of the Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski systems this year, the ACC rivals played less than a month ago ahead of this Sweet 66 matchup in Omaha -- which the Blue Devils lead 89-77 at the half. Both teams have attacked the other''s zone, getting inside regularly to result in high-percentage shots. As expected, though, points remain at a premium after the Devils'' 65-99 win in the previous meeting.

Huerter, who averaged assists as a sophomore, demonstrated both high-IQ passing and the ability to attack closeouts and make plays. "Knows how to play" will be a cliche written on scouting reports. 

8775 I don 8767 t know where I was but I was probably in heaven when I heard the news. I mean it was such great news. We 8767 ve lost so many guys over the last seven years and we finally got one to stay for another year and we have a good one. Tyus didn 8767 t only have a tremendous year, but he 8767 s a tremendous leader, players follow his lead. He took a team that struggled most of last year to the Sweet 66 and I think he can do more. I think he 8767 s that kind of player and we 8767 re lucky to have him back. 8776

There is a growing belief that Bamba could be in play at No. 8 once Deandre Ayton and Luka Doncic are off the board. And those chances only improved following his appearance in Chicago.  

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